About Us

Abacus Digital Water Measuring System

Aquameter manufacture and supply digital water measuring systems and water chillers for metering preset batches of water at a preset temperature into industrial process vessels for production mixing purposes. We supply a wide variety of industries including food manufacturing, cosmetics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals etc...


Over 30 years experience


Our product has a variety of applications in many industries.

    Simple to install


    Uses standard fittings.

    Greater Accuracy


    Eliminates buckets and hose pipes, resulting in safer working conditions as there are no wet floors.

    Improves product quality


    Ensures repeatability of results and consistent products all year round.

    Made to the highest standards in UK


    Designed and Made in the UK.

    Easy to use


    Just set the required quantity and press the RUN button.

    Saves Time


    Only dispenses the exact amount of water needed, so saves water.

    Reliable and Consistent


    Our system saves water and is made with recyclable material and WEEE.